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Posted by on Apr 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Easter Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a Basket to Tell the Easter Story
I have used 8 eggs, not the traditional dozen (it’s what I had at my house) The plan is to tell part of the story and then invite the children to guess what might be in the eggs that represent the story I have just shared.  Have fun!!

  • Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem: Egg 1 – An antique cardboard Easter egg – inside is a coat (from a Mary Poppins doll), a piece of spider plant (to represent the palms), and a minitaure porcelain stallion.
  • Jesus overturning the tables in the temple: Egg 2 – pink and yellow – a minitaure table made with a piece of cardboard and toothpicks (2 cut in half to make 4) stuck in cardboard and hotglued in place, with two “$” signs on the top of the table.
  • Mary annointing Jesus’ feet: Egg 3 – purple – a sample perfume.
  • Judas betraying Jesus: Egg 4 – pink – Euros
  • The Last Supper: Egg 5 – blue –  a doll-size tea party cup and the end of a hot dog roll (to look like a loaf of bread)
  • Jesus is arrested and denied by Peter:  Egg 6 – camo (yes, I found camoflauge plastic eggs!) – a mini plastic soldier and a rooster from a children’s farm house and animals.
  • Jesus is nailed to the cross – Egg 7 – pink and purple – A small cross and 2 picture frame nails
  • Jesus is buried – Egg 8 – purple – a stone
  • Jesus has risen! – Egg 9 – yellow – empty.

Certainly, other items can be substituted to represent the story.  The following website ( was my inspiration and offers some quite different ideas:

© Rev. Sally May, 2020

Rev. Sally May is currently the pastor of Mallett’s Bay Congregational Church, UCC in Colchester, VT.   She lives in Jeffersonville, VT.  Her sense of call is rooted in worship, pastoral care, and social justice.

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