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About WorshipWell

VISION: To serve as a catalyst for inspiring and indigenous worship in Christ’s name and for the life of the whole world.


vtcucclogo---lowres2BACKGROUND: You know it and we know it: good worship is hard to create.  Different (and often competing!) tastes…learning styles…expectations…energy levels…ages…physical needs…emotional needs…and about 1000 other things make it very challenging for pastors and worship leaders to create worship that is authentic, inclusive, inspiring, and which connects worshippers to God and to one another in deep ways.  Oh yeah, and did you know that there is a Sunday every week?!!!

Sure, you’re thinking to yourself (maybe rolling your eyes), there are a bazillion resources out there to help worship leaders to create good worship.  And sure, many of these resources are wonderful.  In our experience (maybe yours too), of the many wonderful resources out there a high percentage of them do not fit our/your congregations (see below).

So, in the fall of 2015, about a dozen pastors and lay people primarily from the Vermont Conference, United Church of Christ, began to meet as WorshipWell. The name captures our desire to:
1) serve as a well of resources, ideas and relationships
2) generate concrete resources that other worship leaders can draw from
3) help congregations to worship well.


Simply put, is an online worship resource by worship leaders who tend to:

1) be Protestant Christians
2) be theologically liberal
3) lead worship in small, rural congregations
4) be from Vermont and the northeastern United States
5) believe that worship matters

Though that is who WE are, we hope that whoever YOU are, wherever you lead worship, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, that you will find here a WorshipWell from which to draw deeply.

Questions? Contact us at,
or click here: WorshipWell