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Posted by on Apr 2, 2020 | 0 comments

Easter Dinner Devotional

A Simple Order for an Easter Devotional Around the Table

Call to the Table

One: A tomb sealed with a stone is now empty!  A people in darkness are bathed in light.  A moment of violence has been transformed by Love, with love, for the love of everyone forever.  Hallelujah!!

Lighting of the Candle

Scripture Reading (select one or both):

  1. Isaiah 25:6-9
  2. Luke 24:13-49

Easter Dinner Grace (choose one):

  1. This table is set with good things.  Feed us so that we may feed others!  AMEN.
  2. Risen Christ, for our wounds and sores, make us resilient.  For our deaths and dyings, give us resurrection.  For the mysteries that are hard to believe,  increase our tolerance for ambiguity.  With this meal, feed us with gratitude and joy.  AMEN.

Benediction at the End of the Meal – Rising Christ, may the sun set as the sun rose today: with newness and anticipation, awe and wonder, love and grace.  May we go in peace from this table as people of Easter hope.  AMEN.

© Rev. Kevin Goldenbogen, 2020

Kevin Goldenbogen is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ serving Charlotte Congregational Church in northwestern Vermont. He skis, runs, bakes bread, and tries every day to follow Jesus. He is married to the perfect woman and has two boys who he loves beyond words.

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