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Posted by on Feb 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Simple Afternoon Taizé Service

Description & Overview

Our main sanctuary was painted recently and our fellowship hall became our Sunday morning worship space for a few weeks.  Since our regular attendance is bigger than our fellowship hall can hold, we decided to offer our regular Sunday morning service and an afternoon (4pm) Taizé style service to give our congregation some worship options.  Below is a simple liturgy for our afternoon service with Taizé chants, silence, Scripture readings and Holy Communion.  After the service we pushed chairs into a circle and shared a simple meal.


  • folding chairs were arranged in rows with both center and side aisles
  • a communion table was dressed with cloth and covered in a variety of candles
  • a cloth backdrop was hung behind the communion table
  • portable sound system, microphones and electric piano were arranged
  • a pianist and 2 special musicians led our music and singing


Prelude (two Taizé songs were played on Violin and Alto Recorder)


Congregational Chant (Taizé song played on piano with congregation singing.  We repeated the chants about 5 times each)

First Scripture Reading (reading were selected from the lectionary)

Silent Reflection (~ 1 minute of silence)

Congregational Chant

Second Scripture Reading (During this chant an offering was taken.)

Intercessory Prayers (after each petition, we sang the song: “O Lord Hear My Prayer”)

Lord’s Prayer:

Chant: “Laudate Omnes Gentes”

Congregational Chant

Sacrament of Holy Communion (celebrated by intinction)



   Words of Institution

   Prayer of Consecration

   Sharing the Bread and Cup (congregational chant sung during distribution)

Closing Chant of Thanksgiving

Benediction (one of the lectionary readings was used)


All were invited to gather for a meal immediately following the service in the same space

© Rev. Susan Cook Kittredge & Rev. Kevin Goldenbogen, 2020

Susan and Kevin are pastors of Charlotte Congregational Church, UCC in Charlotte VT.

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