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Posted by on Apr 4, 2019 | 0 comments

Blessing of the Palms 2019

A simple blessing of the palms for Palm Sunday 2019.

Blessing of the Palms

Christ, a very long time ago you mounted a colt,

road over coats,

and entered Jerusalem,

as fickle crowds waved palm branches,

and shouted, “Hosanna” and “blessed is he.”  


This morning we reenact the story:

we reenact to deepen;

we reenact to understand;

we reenact to connect;

we reenact to lament;

and we reenact for reasons all our own.  


Christ, bless our reenactment, and bless our palms that they might be for us:

a doorway into Holy Week;

a portal into deeper discipleship;

and a platform for us to join the crowds in shouting these ancient words:

“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  Hosanna in the Highest.”  AMEN.

© Rev. Kevin Goldenbogen, 2019

Kevin Goldenbogen is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ serving Charlotte Congregational Church in northwestern Vermont. He skis, runs, bakes bread, and tries every day to follow Jesus. He is married to the perfect woman and has two boys who he loves beyond words.

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