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Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Can We Call Evil (& Good & Joy)?

Here are hymn lyrics by Rev. Thomas Cary Kinder set to the hymn tune: Finlandia. 

Tom wrote this about his work: “The lyrics were inspired by the Amos passage particularly, but Psalm 90 and the Mark passage as well.  Most of all it came out of the [10/8/2018] IPCC climate report and the new reality that we have at most 12 years to completely change our society to become the realm of God’s love and justice and well being for all.”

You  can also find the music and lyrics here formatted to print as a bulletin insert


Can We Call Evil How We Hurt the Earth?

tune: Finlandia

Scripture texts: Psalm 90; Amos 5:6-7, 10-15; Mark 10:17-31


Can we call evil how we hurt the earth,

The least of creatures harmed by human greed?

Can we call evil our denying worth

To what all future generations need?

Yes, these are evil times, our ways unjust.

But can we change?  God says we can and must.


Can we call good the love we saw in Christ,

For all, for children, hurting souls, the poor?

Can we call good the way he sacrificed,

Gave all he had so those with least had more?

Yes, we see good and pray its force will rise.

But can we change?  Christ shows hope never dies.


Can we call joy the thought of earth redeemed,

An Eden where all future children live?

Can we call joy the justice prophets dreamed,

And this day’s chance for us to serve and give?

Yes, we have joy: this hope is in our hands.

Yes, we can change, and do what love demands.

© Rev. Thomas Cary Kinder, 2018

Rev. Kinder  has served as the pastor of the United Church of Strafford, VT, United Church of Christ.  Prior to that he served as interim Minister in Bradford, VT and settled pastor for 17 years in Thetford, VT.

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