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Prayer for Memorial Day 2019

Posted by on May 16, 2019 in Prayers/Litanies, Slideshow, Special Sundays/Services | 0 comments

Here is a prayer written for a congregational worship service on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  It was inspired by Mark 10:35-45 A Memorial Day Prayer – 2019 (Inspired by Mark 10:35-45) God in Christ, your Gospel lays out before us a vision of service: desiring a place of privilege, you call us to humility; wanting glory, you show us that true glory comes when we act with justice and with love; coveting greatness, you teach us that greatness comes when we lay down our lives for others as you did for us. On this Sunday before Memorial...

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No Assumptions on Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 11, 2019 in Easter, Prayers/Litanies, Slideshow, Special Sundays/Services | 0 comments

Here is a short prayer written for use in worship on Mother’s Day/Festival of the Christian Home 2019.  It attempts to acknowledge the complexities of Mother’s Day and to help those praying to give it all to God.  It could be used as a pastoral prayer, adapted for us as a litany, etc. God, on this day in our culture we set aside as “Mother’s Day,” we make no assumptions about the experiences or emotions of the people in this room: –    some of us here love Mother’s day and celebrate it with great joy; –    some feel acute...

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Stations of the Cross 2019

Posted by on Apr 10, 2019 in Arts, By Season, Lent, Prayers/Litanies, Scripture/Readings, Slideshow, Special Sundays/Services | 0 comments

Below is a link to  a booklet we used at Charlotte Congregational Church on Good Friday 2019 for an outdoor walking meditation.  Our congregation made 14 crosses and then tied them to trees in the woods behind our church building.  At 4PM we began walking from station to station, using this booklet to guide our reflections.  The “Connection” for each station was written by Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge and the “Prayer” for each station was adapted by Rev. Will Burhans from “The Stations of the Cross” written by Passionist Missionaries of Union...

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Blessing of the Palms 2019

Posted by on Apr 4, 2019 in By Season, Lent, Prayers/Litanies, Slideshow, Special Sundays/Services | 0 comments

A simple blessing of the palms for Palm Sunday 2019. Blessing of the Palms Christ, a very long time ago you mounted a colt, road over coats, and entered Jerusalem, as fickle crowds waved palm branches, and shouted, “Hosanna” and “blessed is he.”     This morning we reenact the story: we reenact to deepen; we reenact to understand; we reenact to connect; we reenact to lament; and we reenact for reasons all our own.     Christ, bless our reenactment, and bless our palms that they might be for us: a doorway into Holy Week; a portal...

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